consulting services

  • UAV Program Development – starting with your well-defined goals and objectives, SSI will work with you to establish a UAV Program Plan complete with recommendations on Strategy, Talent, Processes, Systems and implementation plan

  • Equipment Selection and Configuration – UAV technology advancements happen frequently and keeping up with them is a full-time job in and of itself. SSI can assist with the evaluation, selection, purchase and configuration of your UAV platforms (drones, robotics, etc.)

  • Software Selection – your UAV program is unique to you and so is how you manage that program. SSI can assist with the evaluation and recommendation of the software solution that best meets your needs for pilot training, continuing education, UAV platform utilization, etc.

  • FAA Waivers – with over twelve years of experience working with the FAA, SSI can assist in times when the need for drone operation falls outside the regulations and limitations set forth by the FAA.

  • Standard Operating Procedures Manual Development – to ensure safety and operational efficiency across your UAV program, SSI can work with you to develop your own Standard Operation Procedures Manual.

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