training services

  • Part 107 Test Prep – this complete course will teach drone pilots all they need to know to pass the FAA’s Remote Pilot Exam and obtain a commercial drone license

  • Equipment - hands on outdoor training in equipment best practices, checklists, flight modes, emergency procedures, autonomous flight modes and  maintenance. Additional training available on Thermal Imaging and FLIR that covers imaging, night operations and FLIR camera Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle (AUV) data capture

  • Aerial Mapping and Modeling – this course teaches drone pilots how to utilize mapping and modeling software to capture and analyze drone data

  • Aerial Search and Rescue – leveraging more than 100 years of public safety experience, this course will provide best practices on flight approach and search patterns

  • Disaster Response – designed and delivered by public safety professionals, this course covers how to engage and work with public safety organizations in disaster response situations

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